We Are

Bouldering Saastal.

How it started

On friday 13th of March 2020 the ski lifts in the Saastal area closed due to Covid-19. With no job to attend our days had no purpose, to save ourselves from boredom we went out to clean and climb boulders. What began as a fun pastime slowly it grew into a full scale bouldering project collaberating with Saastal Tourism, and so Bouldering Saastal was born.

WHat We Do

First we go out to a location to explore the pontential of the area. Once potentential is established we must clean the boulder, starting with hard metal brushes to remove stubborn material and a crowbar to break away any dangerous rocks that could cause injury or break, all whislt preserving as much nature as possible. Then the landing must be prepared, this involves moving rocks to fill holes or stategicly placing fallen branches to create a platform on which to place the crash pads. Now the boulder is ready, a light dusting of chalk on the hand holds and off we go. Cleaning extra holds as we climb to find the most natrual routes to the top of the boulder. Once the route is established she must be graded and more importatly given a name which should stand the test of time.

Disclaimer – We are always trying to preserve as much nature as possible. Metal brushes are only used on the intitial cleaning of the boulder and only where nessisary, after that ONLY brushes with natrual brisltles may be used. No damage is enacted onto the boulder, only what is loose or unsafe is removed. Landings are prepared using all natrual materials from the surroundings wherever possible.

Our Vision

Wallis, a climbing paradise. Every year 1000s of alpinists come to climb the high 4000m peaks. Wallis also boasting 2000 routes with over 250 multi-pitch routes but no bouldering? We want to change this.

Bouldering, a rapidy growing sport all over europe, and of course our favourite. It is, simply put, climbing in its most basic form, a pair of shoes and a bag of chalk is all you need to climb in the Saastal. Contact us to hire crash mats which we store in dry places in the bouldering areas to save you carring them up.